10: Reaching Your Goals – Then Learning to Walk…

A belated ‘Happy New Year’ to you all!! It’s hard to believe that this is my first post of 2018, but it it is and it’s a very special one for many reasons.

  • Firstly obviously, it’s the first one in a brand new year.
  • Secondly, it’s my 10th post!! Yay!!
  • Thirdly I want to share that I reached my target weight earlier this year, on the 16th January to be exact. Meaning that I’ve now lost a grand total of 15 stone 3lb ♥ (As you can imagine I’m ecstatic!)
  • And finally I wanted to share just how much this simple act of shedding the pounds (213lb to be exact) has changed my life for the better.

Reaching my Personal Achievement Target has been the stuff of dreams for so long, almost 30 years if I add them up, that for a long time I never truly thought it would happen. I just wasn’t built for being slim, fit and healthy, in fact I would (and still do quip occasionally) that I was built for comfort and not for speed. I was a ‘big boned’ girl, one who had always been on the large side.

But as I’ve spoken about in previous posts, my weight and the many problems associated with it, grew to unrecognisable proportions which led me to trying to lose weight myself, just one last time, before I went down the road of gastric surgery. What can I say it finally worked and I found the success I dreamed off!! – and due to making some fairly minor lifestyle changes, I’ve managed to bust those misguided myths (mentioned above).

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I have to say the turning point was re-joining and this time, fully following, my local Slimming World Group which has made the biggest difference and has seen me succeed and flourish to a place where I never thought I would dwell. Happiness and being content within my own skin.

The structure of their weight loss programme of making better choices with everyday food, being more active and being part of a supportive group of people who were all trying to do the same thing as me, really did support my success this time.

I really can’t thank everyone who has supported me along the way on my epic journey, enough. Particularly my husband and family.

January was a few months ago, so since then it’s been very much a case of learning to ‘live’ at my new weight. Sounds daft, but when you’ve spent most of your live focusing on losing weight it’s a bit of a mind shift!

I’m still learning to find my feet and experimenting, but I’m really pleased to say that I’ve managed to stay within my range beautifully and am feeling more confident with every passing week.

My focus has shifted from losing to weight to gaining life again and I’m constantly looking for things that I want to try and thought I couldn’t in the past.

I’m back horse riding regularly now and enjoy sessions at the local riding school along with other adults every fortnight.

I’m in the process of learning to Kayak with my friend, which is something I definitely thought I would never be able to do. I remember just three years ago being ‘rescued’ from a paddle boat that my family wanted me to go on with them, because I felt it wasn’t steady or safe. To be honest it almost sank with only me in it and I hadn’t even left the side then! However that was the old me and old situation, I’m now fitting into the smallest of kayaks and learning to get in and out of them (unfortunately sometimes in the water) without any problem.

My husband and I have just completed the West Highland Way, a 96 mile long distance walk from Milngavie, Glasgow to Fort William in the Highlands. This is something I would never even have considered before, yet with only a few minor blisters, I easily managed and got to see/experience the beauty of the place that I’ve been living for most of my adult life. Walking the way really opened my eyes to the transformation my life has undertaken in just a few short years, (2 years 11 months to be exact)

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I plan to keep trying new things and pushing myself to try different activities as I’ve realised that I can do them if I want to and I now have a thing called choice.

I also plan to stay with Slimming World as a target member, as I now get to attend for free, as long as I stay within 3lb of my target weight and I really want ensure that I stay on track for the rest of my life!

I will however be looking for a new group as losing weight has had such a profound impact on not just me, but my families lives that I’ve decided to become a consultant (at my own group) and help other people achieve their weight loss dreams too.

This is a huge step for me and one I take great pride and excitement in taking. I truly feel passionate about weight loss, obesity and all the misunderstanding and misconceptions that are often associated with it. I remember all my own past attempts and at how life was for me at my most vulnerable and feel that I want to use my new found knowledge, positive experience and understanding to support other people to achieve their weight loss dreams.

If I can help just one person to overcome their weight related demons and find their personal success then I would be delighted. Of course I’m hoping that the group will be a thriving hub of support with lots of members achieving their dreams, so for anyone in the Inverness area who may be in interested in starting their journey – my group relaunch night will take place this Tuesday 3rd of April at 5.30pm and 7.30pm in the Beaufort Hotel, Culduthel Road Inverness.

I hope you wish me luck with this new venture and hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

Much Love

Marie x

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